International Office

International Seminar as a series of the 35th Universitas Bosowa Anniversary


International Office



The international office was established in October 2019 based on the decree of the Head of the International Affairs Office of the University of Bosowa. The establishment is set for a seven-year official transition process based on a decree from the Indonesian ministry of education, technology, and research number 69/KTP/I/2015. The transition process is from University 45, founded in 1986, to the University of Bosowa, which was formed in 2013-currently also marked by the transfer of leadership management of the Foundation from the Andi Sore Foundation to the Aksa Mahmud Foundation. The most basic need after the transition process is to open international networks and strengthen international cooperative relations to overseas universities and international institutions, with the aim to achieve the mission of the University of Bosowa, which is to become a University of Excellence that produces national figures who are entrepreneurial, IT-based and have a global perspective”. Efforts to realize this mission require international commitment. The international affairs office is also the place where the internationalization process takes place that accommodates the needs of the Bosowa University academic community.


Supporting the realization of the university's vision of having a global perspective and becoming a world-class university in eastern Indonesia by strengthening international relations within the University of Bosowa


  1. Take an active role in internationalization activities at Unibos
  2. Planning international cooperation programs that are academic and non-academic in the form of scholarship information from other countries, short course information from international institutions, and research collaborations.
  3. Develop international cooperation programs between Universitas Bosowa and overseas universities and foreign institutions.
  4. Providing services to the academic community and students who need overseas services, including lecturers and foreign guests.



International Office functions are to facilitate all campus internationalization activities that involve lectures, staff, civitas academia, and students in getting information regarding scholarship from foreign countries, institutions, and international organizations in line with Universitas Bosowa Vision and Mission.

Head of International Office: Beche Bt Mamma, S.IP., M.A




Gedung 1 Universitas Bosowa, Jalan Urip Sumoharjo KM 4, Sinrijala, Panakukang, Universitas Bosowa


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